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      .QA,قطر.,.COM.QA,.NET.QA and NAME.QA
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      .QA,قطر.,.COM.QA,.NET.QA and NAME.QA
        Packages Price
      BASIC-1 700.00 QR/- year Read More
      BASIC-2 900.00 QR/- year Read More
      BASIC-3 1100.00 QR/- year Read More
      ADVANCED-1 1000.00 QR/- year Read More
      ADVANCED-2 1200.00 QR/- year Read More
      ADVANCED-3 1400.00 QR/- year Read More
        Duration Price
      1 year 250.00 QR
      2 year 450.00 QR
      3 year 650.00 QR
      4 year 850.00 QR
      5 year 1000.00 QR
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